We're making wine simple, sustainable and special

With so many wines available – and so much of it mediocre – it's hard to find great wines that meet the standards we expect in the 21st century: unusual and distinctive great-tasting, sustainably produced wines. 

The simple bit

Through our subscription service we hunt down the best wines, so you don't have to. Simply subscribe to our weekend box. We'll then deliver a new box of three different bottles to you, each week. 

The wines are selected by Arnaud Compas and Keith Lyon, two leading names in UK wine buying.

New wines each week

Each week we will add the next episode in your wine subscription. We'll provide tasting notes and the story behind each bottle.

Sustainable as standard

Each bottle will meet our standards for sustainability, whether they're vegan, biodynamic, natural or just produced in the time old tradition that harks back to our preindustrial past. 

Every bottle is special

Each has a story to tell. Whether it's the producer, where it's made or the process. We'll bring that story to you, so you can trust what's in your bottle has been made with the care and attention that's needed in the 21st Century.  

Meet the team 

Arnaud Compas, Wine Curator for Altitude Wines

Arnaud Compas 

As one of the first traders at Borough Market, he founded Bedales Wine. Arnaud's great love at Bedales was sourcing directly from producers which helped him become a leading influence in setting wine trends in London. 

After selling Bedales, he worked closely with the world’s most influential wine critic, Robert Parker for five years, running wine events all over the globe. 

In 2015, he teamed up with Knight Dragon and Keith Lyon to open Vinothec Compass restaurant in North Greenwich, with Basque influenced food, 450 wines and 30 craft beers.​


Keith Lyon 

Years back, he worked with Andre Simon at his shop in Belgravia, while reading Politics and Philosophy at university. 

Since then, Keith has been influential in bringing less conventional wines into the wine trade. He has travelled extensively and there are few countries in the world he hasn’t been to. 

Keith has a Wine Diploma and taught at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust for many years. He has also taken part in many tasting panels in the wine industry. 

In May 2015, Keith left his wine consultant job to put together the Vinothec Compass project with his friend Arnaud Compas.