Clos du Val Carneros Chardonnay, 2017, Napa Valley, California

Superlative: 94/100

Growing with climate change, today

The 2017 harvest was the first of its kind in Napa Valley, following a 5-year drought.

The soils and water table had been replenished and the vines took off early in the season and weather patterns were about normal until late August.

In early September heat spikes hit the valley and set record or near record temperatures. This caused some vineyards to progress rapidly and show signs of hydration. With plenty of water available most vineyards were heavily irrigated, and the temperatures cooled in mid-September to more normal levels.

The quantity of grapes was quite low, but quality looks to be excellent. A huge wildfire at the end of harvest threatened vines that still had fruit but luckily most grapes were already safely in the winery for the year.

Made exclusively using grapes from the acclaimed Carneros estate vineyard, farmed for more than four decades, this Chardonnay is a Clos Du Val favourite.

It’s just showing off, it's so good

Showing off a beautiful pale straw colour, this Estate Chardonnay leads with aromas of bread dough, cotton candy, linen, and jasmine flower.

This wine is lean, polished, and quite elegant.

On the finish, you will find notes of wet stone and alluring mineralities.

Final verdict

Climate: Maritime

Soil: Pebbles / Stones/ Alluvial

Flavours: Lactic

Structure: Voluptuous

Style: Vibrant

Closure: Cork

Approach: Sustainable, Organic