Cotes d’Auvergne, Desprat St Verny Chardonnay 2018

Cocooning: 90/100

This vineyard should not exist!

These steep hilly vineyards should have died over 100 years ago.

During the railway revolution in the 1870’s, the vineyard map of France was redrawn. Most difficult to produce wine, due to a harsh climate or extreme topography, all but disappeared.

It was replaced by wine from south of France, where it was mass produced. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wine production was so prevalent there that over 200 wine cellars were excavated under the plateau. Some include stone stairways leading up to a hilly road known as ‘Rue des Caves,’ or the street of cellars.

A volcanic explosion

The Cotes d’Auvergne wine appellation was once bombarded by fragments from a now vanished volcano. A natural feathery light rock was once blasted out of a volcano. Vines located here push through some seven meters of volcanic soils.

These vines are the witness of a time far gone, when wine was made locally, with some unknown grape varieties that adapted well to the harsh altitude climate and the lack of sunshine.

Indeed, the Chardonnay grape was born of adaptation and well, it happened in these surrounding hills. The cave de Desprat St Verny, Chardonnay is an exciting example of a true style of Chardonnay.

To the bottle

It’s a great deep golden colour. On the nose an explosion of mineral, grapefruit, white flowers, and maybe a hint of peach. Fresh and happy on the palate. Balanced by a mineral sense of place associated with great vibrant malic fruits.

  • Climate: High altitude

  • Soil: Volcanic

  • Flavours: Malic

  • Structure: Refreshing

  • Style: Delicate

  • Closure: Stelvin

  • Approach: Sustainable


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