Philippe Guerin ‘Abstraction #3’ Chardonnay, 2019, Vin de France, Touraine, France

Cocooning: 90/100

Philippe is not only a purist but an explorer

He never stops working with new grape varieties to see how his land responds. Maybe it's borne from the fear of not been ready when global warming changes this part of Loire Valley. Adaptation is key here.

Philip has nurtured a small plot of Chardonnay grown on a deep clay soil, which delivers the true nature of this grape.

Low altitude, influenced by the ocean not far off, we discover a super delicate, pretty and absolutely delightful wine. A great core of minerality and a grapefruit, clayish flavour.

Yes, the clay can be tasted in the wine!

The gentle rich mineral touch on the finish! It brings us back to the southern burgundy region, birth land of chardonnay.

Final verdict

Climate: Maritime

Soil: Limestone hard

Flavours: Malic

Structure: Refreshing

Style: Delicate

Closure: Stelvin

Approach: Sustainable