2021: The year we started to take the longview on wine

We need to define what quality wine is for a sustainable world.

As people slowdown and focus more on their wellbeing, alcohol consumption is actually dropping at the moment across the UK (and across Europe). And we think this is a good thing! It means when people do enjoy a glass of wine, they’re looking for quality over quantity.

Three wine climate change challenges

But climate change is making it more difficult to produce quality wine in three ways.

More and more residual sugar is creeping into wine. This not only ruins wine, it also hides more calories in your glass of wine than you might have thought. We'll come back this in more detail in another post because we think it a huge problem in the industry that no one's really talking about.

The carbon footprint of a bottle of wine needs to be brought down to zero, and looking further, carbon positive. Companies like Velux Windows are working to become 'lifetime carbon neutral'. We need some of that initiative and commitment in our industry.

Finally the ideal places to grow grapes are moving, due to a warming planet. New areas are beginning to outperform the established wine regions in terms of quality. We need to take a step back and recognise excellence where it actually is, not where it used to be.

Defining quality for a sustainable world

This is what we’re doing at Altitude Wines.

We at Altitude are here to seek new horizons, always protecting nature by pushing winemakers on being true to their land and their own vision. We have to all take the longview.

The truth is in the glass. Wine has a story to tell. We will be the gatekeeper of flavours, structures, and the only loyalty we have is toward nurturing the voice of mother nature: Wine. Enjoy!

Photo by James Donovan on Unsplash