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The wines in this case are good in every sense: great flavours, free from the taint of unnatural industrial practices
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The wines in this case are good in every sense

They provide great flavours, free from the taint of unnatural industrial practices.

People who care about their health – but still raise an occasional glass – should never drink just any wine. Too many high street brands contain high levels of sulfites and sugar.

Their uniform taste is achieved by using large quantities of sulfites to cut short the fermentation process. The result? Sweet, insipid flavours with minimal natural aroma.

If you want to try wines from producers that don’t prize profits over palate, look no further.

What can you look forward to?

Three white and three red! We try to keep connected to the seasons, so for example, there may be some bubbles in there. Here's a sample of what to expect:

The Liberator ‘Episode 29 – Chenin No. 5’, 2019 WO Western Cape, South Africa

Episode 29 is like Premier Cru Chablis. Nutty notes of slivered almonds, some apple juice concentrate, light notes of acacia honey.

Score: 92/100, Vegan

Desperat St Verny, Les Volcans, Gamay-Pinot Noir, Cotes d’Auvergne, 2017, France

It’s light, thirst-quenching wine – exactly what they should be and, in a way, they are the most impressive wines in the whole Cotes d’Auvergne cellar.

Score: 89/100, Vegan

Antonio Vallana e Figlio, Barbera, 2018, Piedmonte, Italy

High-toned, structured, sappy and savory Nebbiolo with 10% Uva Rara and Vespolina with a big aromatic profile of cranberry, raspberry, black tea, sandalwood and sweet exotic flowers.

Score: 91/100, Sustainable

Gaillac, Chateau de Rhodes, Gaillac, Ancestral Method, France

This sparkling Gaillac is remarkably enjoyable. True happiness in the glass, small bubbles roll on the tongue more than exploding, fine and super aromatic wine.

Score: 89/100, Biodynamic, Sustainable

Vigneron Parisien ‘Lutèce’ Vin de France, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne 2017

The Lutèce is the only multi-varietal wine made in the cellar. It’s a three-way blend of Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne. The traceability of the grapes is known to the exact parcel.

Score: 92/100, Organic, vegan

Vigneron Parisien ‘Turbigo’ Vin de France, Cinsault 2018, France

The Turbigo is a 40 to 50-year old Cinsault raised in stainless steel. It’s named after the small boulevard that’s home to their winery.

Score: 92/100, Organic, vegan

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